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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Toeflskill.com is created to share information about TOEFL Preparation Course. The source is mostly taken from LONGMAN INTRODUCTORY COURSE FOR THE TOEFL TEST book. It focuses on PBT  (Paper Based Test).

It gives complete information and analysis about:
  1. What is TOEFL and TOEFL Test?
  2. What is TOEFL for? or what are the advantages of TOEFL?
  3. Types of TOEFL Test and the differences of them.
  4. TOEFL Scoring
  5. Listening pre - test
  6. Strategy For Listening Comprehension Test
  7. Strategy For Structure and Written Expression Test
  8. Strategy For Reading Comprehension
  9. Skills For Listening
  10. Skills For Structure and Written Expression
  11. Skills For Reading Comprehension
  12. Audio For Listening Practices
  13. Listening Pre-Test and Post Test
  14. Structure Pre-test and Post test
  15. Reading Pre-Test and Post Test
  16. Complete Test 1-3
  17. Key answers
To make you easy to understand this blog, please read how to study TOEFL Preparation Course here.

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Jennifer said...

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