General Strategy of Listening comprehension section

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Below is the general strategy for Listening Comprehension Section for part A, part B and part C.

  1. Be familiar with the directions. The directions on every TOEFL test are the same, so it is not necessary to listen carefully to them each time. You should be completely familiar with the directions before the day of the test.
  2. Listen carefully to the conversations and talks. You should concentrate fully on what the speakers are saying on the recording because you will hear the recording one time only.
  3. Know where the easier and more difficult questions are generally found. Within each part of the Listening Comprehension section, the questions generally progress from easy to difficult.
  4. Never leave any questions blank on your answer sheet. Even if you are unsure of the correct response, you should answer the question. There is no penalty for guessing.
  5. Use any remaining time to look ahead at the answers to the questions that follow. When you finish with one question, you may have time to look ahead at the answers to the next question.

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