How to score TOEFL Test

Thursday, 13 January 2011

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How To Score TOEFL Test.
(Indonesian Version)
  • The paper version of the TOEFL Test is scored on a scale 217 to 677 points.
  • There is no passing score on the TOEFL test, but various institutions and organizations have their own TOEFL requirements. It is important for students to find out from each institution or organization what TOEFL Score is required by this institution or organization.
To score the TOEFL Test, you must have TOEFL Scoring Chart. The Scoring chart is used to convert the correct answer of each section of TOEFL Test. 

How to score TOEFL Test for PBT-TOEFL Test

1. Convert the correct answer of the three sections of TOEFL Test (Listening, Structure and Reading).

    For example:

    Section 1 (Listening Comprehension)

    Correct answer                 Converted score

              29                                      50

    Section 2 (Structure and Written Expression)

    Correct answer                 Converted score

             26                                        50

     Section 3 (Reading Comprehension)

      Correct answer               Converted score

              33                                       50

2. Sum up all converted score (Section 1,2,3).

    50  +  50  +  50  =   150

3. Then the result of addition is divided by 3

    150  :  3  =  50

4. The result of division is multiplied by 10

    50  X  10  = 500

   So, the TOEFL Score is 500

Look at the following outline:

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