Listening Part A : Skill 1 - Restatement

Friday, 14 January 2011

(Indonesian Version)

Often the correct answer in Listening Part A is an answer that contains a restatement of the ideas in the second line of the conversation.


On the recording, you hear:

(woman)     : Steve, is something the matter? You don’t look veiy good.
(man)          : Oh, I’m feeling a little sick today.
(narrator)    :  What does the man mean?

In your test book, you read:

(A) He’s not very good-looking.
(B) He’s a bit ill.
(C) He looks worse than he feels.
(D) His feet are a little thick.

In this conversation, sick means ill, and a little means a bit. The best answer to this question is therefore answer (B) because answer (B) restates the idea in the second line of the dialogue. Please note that answer (D) is definitely not a correct answer because it contains feet instead of feel and thick instead of sick. These words are similar in sound but not in meaning to the words that you hear on the recording.

  •  As you listen to the second line of the conversation, you should focus on the key idea(s) in that line.
  • If you see a restatement of the key idea(s) in a particular answer, then you have probably found the correct answer.
  • Do not choose answers with words that sound similar to the words on the recording.

EXERCISE 1: In this exercise, underline the key idea(s) in the second line of each short conversation. Then underline restatements of these key words in the answers, and choose the best answer to each question. Remember that the best answer is probably the answer that contains a restatement of the key idea(s) in the second line of the conversation.

1. (woman) : What do you like about your new house?
    (man)      : It’s very close to a park.
    (narrator): What does the man mean?

     (A).The house is closed up now.
     (B) He parks his car close to his house.
     (C) His home is near a park.
     (D) He doesn’t really like his new house.

2. (man)      : Mark said some really nice things to me.
    (woman) : He’s very grateful for what you did.
    (narrator): What does the woman say about Mark?

    (A) He did a great job.
    (B) He bought a crate full of fruit.
    (C) He made a great fool of himself. He’s thankful.
     (D) He’sthankful.

3. (woman) : Sam, you’ve been working at the computer for hours.
    (man)      : Yes, and I need to take a break.
    (narrator): What does the man mean?

    (A) The computer’s broken.
    (B) He needs to relax for a while.
    (C) He should keep working.
    (D) He’s broke.

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