Listening Part A : Skill 3 - Suggestion

Sunday, 23 January 2011

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Suggestions are common in Listening Part A, so you should become familiar with them. The following example shows an expression of a suggestion.
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On the recording, you hear:

(man)       : I haven’t talked with my parents in a while.
(woman)  :  Why don’t you call them now?
(narrator) :  What does the woman suggest?

In your test book, you read:

(A) Calling off his visit.
(B) Talking about his parents.
(C) Calling his parents in a while.
(D) Phoning his family.

In this example, the expression why don’t is an expression of suggestion, so the woman’s suggestion is to call them. This means that the woman suggests phoning his family. The best answer is therefore answer (D).

The following chart lists common expressions that show suggestion.

EXERCISE 3: In this exercise, underline the expression of suggestion in each short conversation. Then read the question, and choose the best answer to that question. Remember that the best answer is one that gives a suggestion.

On the recording you hear:

1. (man)       : The weather’s so beautiful  today.
    (woman)  : Let’s walk to school instead of driving.
    (narrator) : What does the woman suggest?

    (A) Taking the car to school.
    (B) Taking a walk instead of going to school.
    (C) Going for a drive in the beautiful weather.
    (D) Walking to class. (Answer)

On the recording you hear:

2. (woman)  : I never have enough spending money.
    (man)       : Why not get a part-time job?
    (narrator) :  What does the man suggest?

    (A) Spending less money.
    (B) Doing a better job at work.
    (C) Earning some money. (Answer)
    (D) Spending less time at her job.

On the recording you hear:

3. (man)        : We don’t have any planstonight, do we?
    (woman)   : No, so why don’t we invite some friends over to dinner?
    (narrator)  : What does the womansuggest?

    (A) Having a dinner party. (Answer)
    (B) Stopping the fight with their friends.
    (C) Planning a trip.
    (D) Making some new friends.

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