Skills of Structure question in TOEFL Test

Friday, 21 January 2011

After reading Strategy for structure questions,  You must learn the problems and  skills usually  tested in Structure Questions. There are ten problems or skills usually tested in Structure questions. The skills will help you to implement these strategies in the Structure section of the TOEFL test.

(Indonesian Version)

The ten problems or  skills are:

1. Problem with  Subject and Verbs

2. Problem with  Objects of Prepositions

3. Problem with Present Participles

4. Problem with Past Participles

5. Problem with Coordinate Connectors

6. Problem with  Adverb Clause Connectors

7. Problem with Noun Clause Connectors

8. Problem with Noun Clause Connectors/Subjects

9. Problem with Adjective Clause Connectors

10. Problem with Adjective Clause Connectors/Subject

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