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Friday, 18 February 2011

TOEFL SKILLS blog gives you free TOEFL Preparation Course for PAPER BASED TEST. All the materials are taken from LONGMAN INTRODUCTORY FOR THE TOEFL TEST.

By studying TOEFL Preparation Course here, It is hoped that  you will be able to do TOEFL Test more easily and increase TOEFL Score, too.

To help you Study TOEFL Preparation Course Blog here, read the guide below:

  •  Do  Pre - Listening Test First.  Listening Pre Test is aimed at knowing your early TOEFL Score of Listening and   finding  out your weakness in Listening section of TOEFL Test.
    • Study Listening Skills  that are usually tested  in Listening TOEFL Test. There are three Parts (Listening Part A/B/C):
       1. Listening Part A (Short Dialogue)

           Listening Part A consists of six skills. You must study it one by one.
          Skills of Listening Part A:
        2.  Listening Part B (Longer Conversation)

        3. Listening Part C

        •  Study the skills that are usually tested in TOEFL Test. There are two types: Structure Questions and Written Expression.
          1. Structure Questions
              Structure Questions:
          2. Written Expression
                Written Expression:
        1. Do the Reading Pre - Test first to find our your early score of reading comprehension.
        2. Read Reading Comprehension Section
        3. Read Strategy for Reading Comprehension Question
        4. Study the skills usually tested in reading Comprehension
               5. Do the Reading Post - Test.
                   (Reading Post - Test is done after doing all skills and complete all exercise).

          TOEFL POST TEST 
          • After completing all skills, it's time do do THE POST TEST. Click HERE.


                nancy john said...

                Importance Of The English is a main factor that involve in toefl prepearation

                abhinay said...

                It makes very easy to practice for toefl.. can u pls post some of the video conversations also.

                Thanks for the Information
                Education Portal

                Unknown said...

                This site were absolutely stupid!! most of audio download are wrong!! don't download it. It's shit website!!

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                ORIEL CAMERON said...

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                Jillian Petrova said...

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