Agreement after certain words (Skill 13)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

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Certain words in English are always grammatically singular, even though they might have plural meanings.

Everybody in the theater are watching* the film attentively.

Even though we understand from this example that a lot of people are watching the film, Everybody is singular and requires a singular verb. The plural verb are watching should be changed to the singular verb is watching.

The following chart lists the grammatically singular words that have plural meanings.

Exercise 13.

Each of the following sentences contains one of the words that are grammatically singular but they have a plural meaning.
1. Anybody are welcome at the party. (I)

  • Anybody is singular, so the verb is not "are" but "is".
2. No one here is afraid of skysiving. (C)

  • No one is singular and Verb "is" is singular, too. So the sentence is correct.
3.  Everyone in the world needs love and respect. (C)

  • Everyone is singular and Verb " Needs" is singular verb, too. So the sentence is correct.
4. Someone have to clean up the house. (I)

  • Someone is singular, but verb "have to" is plural verb. So it is incorrect.
5. Each plant in the garden appear healthy and strong. (I)

  • Each plant is singular, but verb "appear" is plural verb. So it is incorrect. 
  • Appear should be appears.
6. You should understand that anything is possible. (C)

  • Anything is singular and IS is singular verb, too. So It is correct.
7. Everything in the salad are good for you. (I)

  • Everything is singular, but verb "ARE" is plural. So it is incorrect
  • It should be "Everything ....."
8. Nobody in the class have completed the assignment on time. (I)

  • Nobody is singular, but subject "have" is plural. So, it is incorrect.
  • It should be 'Nobody........has ......"
9. I am sure that every detail have been considered. (I)

  • Every detail is singular, but verb "have" is plural. So, it is incorrect.
  • It should be ".....every detail has been ...."
10. Everybody know the rules, but somebody is not following them. (I)

  • Everybody is singular, but verb "know" is plural. So, it is incorrect.
  • It should be "Everybody knows...."
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