Problems with past paticiple after Have (Skill 16)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

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Whenever you see the verb have in any of its forms (have, has, having, had), be sure that the verb that follows it is in the past participle form.

We had complete* the work.

They have went* to the market.

In the first example, complete should be the past participle completed because it is after had. In the second example, went should be the past participle gone because it is after have.
The following chart outlines the use of verb forms after have.


Each of the following sentences contains a verb formed with have. Underline the verbs twice. Then indicate if the sentences are correct (C) or incorrect (I).

1. We have already hearing the good news. (Incorrect)

    Analysis: have hearing should be have heard

2. She has ridden her bicycle to school every day. (Correct)

    Analysis: has ridden is correct

3. I have always believe you. (Incorrect)

    Analysis : have always believe is incorrect, it should be have always believed.

4. He has find the missing car keys. (Incorrect)

    Analysis :  has find is incorrect. It should be has found.

5. They have put their money in a savings account. (Correct)

    Analysis : have put is correct

6. Their parents have allowed them to stay up late. (Correct)

     Analysis: have allowed is correct

7. She has never ran away from home before. (Incorrect)

    Analysis:  have never ran is correct. It should be have never run.

8. Have you ever saw a ghost? (Incorrect)

    Analysis:  saw is incorrect. It should be seen.

9. They have taken three tests already this week. (correct)

    Analysis: have taken is correct.

10. He has offer me a high-paying job. (Incorrect)

    Analysis: has offer is incorrect. It should be has offered.

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