Strategy for longer conversation of TOEFL Test

Sunday, 29 May 2011

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(Indonesian Version)

1. If you have the time, preview the answers to the Listening Part B questions.

    While you are looking at the answers, you should try to anticipate the questions for each of the groups of answers.

2. Listen carefully to the first line of the conversation.

   The first line of the conversation often contains the main idea, subject, or topic of the conversation, and you 
   will often be asked to answer such questions.

3. As you listen to the conversation, follow along with the answers in your test book, and try to 
    determine the correct answers.

   Detail questions are generally answered in order in the conversation, and the answers often sound the same
   as what is said on the recording.

4. You should guess even if you are not sure. Never leave any answers blank.

5. Use any remaining time to look ahead at the answers to the questions that follow.

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