Listening Part C: The Topic (Skill 11)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

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As you listen to each talk in Listening Part C, you should be thinking about the topic (subject) or main idea for each talk (as you did in Listening Part B). Since the first sentence is generally a topic sentence, you should be asking yourself what the topic is while you are listening carefully to the first part of the talk.


On the recording, you hear:

(narrator)  Listen to a talk at the start of a meeting.
(woman)  I’d like to call this meeting to order now. This is the third monthly meeting of the science club this semester, and today we need to discuss the upcoming science fair.

You think:

The topic of the talk is a meeting of the science club to discuss the science fair


 Listen to the first part of each of the talks, and decide on the topic of each Talk.

1. What is the topic of Talk 1?


2. What is the topic of Talk 2?


3. What is the topic of Talk 3?

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