Structure and Written Expression Post Test

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Time—25 minutes
(including the reading of the directions)
Now set your clock for 25 minutes.

This section is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English. There are two types of questions in this section, with special directions for each type.


Directions: These questions are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

Look at the following examples.

Example 1

The president_________ the election by a landslide.

(A) won
(B) he won
(C) yesterday
(D) fortunately

The sentence should read, “The president won the election by a landslide.” Therefore, you should choose answer (A).

Example II

When _____ the conference?

(A) the doctor attended
(B) did the doctor attend
(C) the doctor will attend
(D) the doctor’s attendance

The sentence should read, “When did the doctor attend the conference?” Therefore, you should choose answer (B).

Let's begin the TOEFL Post Test.

1. _____ lived on Earth for nearly 150 million years.
    (A) Dinosaurs
    (B) Dinosaurs who
    (C) If dinosaurs
     (D) Since dinosaurs

2. Early printers arranged type into _____ a small, flat composing stick.
    (A) words
    (B) are words on
    (C) words on
    (D) the words are on

3. ____ along most of its length into an upper chamber and a lower chamber.
     (A) The divided cochlea
     (B) Dividing the cochlea
     (C) The cochlea is divided
      (D) With a divided cochlea

4. Yeast is an organic catalyst _____ known to prehistoric humanity.
     (A) was
     (B) which was
      (C) which it
     (D) which

5. Many communities _____ a complex system of linguistic levels in order to show respect.
    (A) useful
    (B) use already made
    (C) making it useful
    (D) make use of

6. The ear is a flexible organ, _____ simply was not designed to withstand the noise of modern living.
    (A) but it
    (B) it
    (C) but
    (D) its

7. In 1934, chemist Wallace Carothers produced a plastic which _____ nylon.
    (A) his call
    (B) he called
    (C) to call him
    (D) calling

8. As _____ grows, the shell in which it lives grows, too.
    (A) a mollusk
    (B) a mollusk it
    (C) has a mollusk
    (D) it has a mollusk

9. The first _____ the Civil War was fired from Fort Johnson upon Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861.
     (A) shot
     (B) shot in
     (C) shot was in
     (D) it was shot

10. Stalactites are formed in caves by groundwater ______ dissolved lime.
      (A) it contains
      (B) containing
      (C) contains
      (D) containment

11. By studying the movements of the Sun and Moon, even early astronomers could _____ eclipses would take place.
      (A) predicting when
      (B) when it predicts
      (C) the prediction when
      (D) predict when

12. Coffee probably originally grew wild in Ethiopia in the province of Kaffe, and from there _____ to southern  Arabia.
       (A) bringing it
       (B) it was brought
       (C) brought it
       (D) brought with it

13. Alabama was occupied by the French and Spanish before _____ to England in 1763.
      (A) was ceded
      (B) ceded to it
      (C) it was ceded
      (D) ceded it

14. A group of winged reptiles pterosaurs is believed to have been the first vertebrates with the power of flight.
     (A) call
     (B) calls
     (C) called
     (D) is called

15. On November 23, 1863, Grant stunned the Confederates on Missionary Ridge with what _____ to be a full-dress military parade of troops who unexpectedly opened fire.
     (A) appeared
     (B) appearing
     (C) appearance
     (D) apparent

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