TOEFL Exercise (Skill 1-2)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Skill 1: Subject and Verb
Skill 2: Object of Preposition

Choose the letter of the word or group of words that best completes the sentence.

1. Mark Twain _____ the years after the Civil War the “Gilded Age.”
    (A) called
    (B) calling
    (C) he called
    (D) his calls

2. Early ____ toes instead of hooves on their feet.
    (A) horses
    (B) had horses
    (C) horses had
    (D) horses having

3. ______ grow close to the ground in the short Arctic summer.
    (A) Above tundra plants
    (B) Tundra plants
    (C) Tundra plants are found
    (D) For tundra plants

4. In 1867, ____ Alaska from the Russians for $7.2 million.
    (A) purchased the United States
    (B) to purchase the United States
   (C) the United States’ purchase of
   (D) the United States purchased

5. Between 1725 and 1750, New England witnessed an increase in the specialization of _____.
    (A) occupations
    (B) occupies
    (C) they occupied
    (D) it occupied them

6. The large carotid artery ____ to the main parts of the brain.
    (A) carrying blood
    (B) blood is carried
    (C) carries blood
     (D) blood carries

7. _____ radio as the first practical system of wireless telegraphy.
   (A) Marconi’s development
   (B) The development by Marconi
   (C) Developing Marconi
   (D) Marconi developed

8. In 1975, the first successful space probe to ____ beginning to send information back to Earth.
    (A) Venus
    (B) Venus the
    (C) Venus was
    (D) Venus it was

9. The two biggest resort _____ Arkansas are Hot Springs and Eureka Springs.
    (A) in
    (B) towns in
    (C) towns are
    (D) towns are in

10. NASA’S Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center _________ control center for the Mercury Gemini, and Apollo space flights.
      (A) it was at the
      (B) it was the
      (C) was the
      (D) the

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it is need to improve TOEFL EXERCISE skills to pass the exam

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Where are the answers ? When I click at the link "To Get the Answers, CLICK HERE", appears other page that shows the Toefl's Cd...

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