TOEFL Exercise (Skill 3-4) - Structure Skills

Friday, 16 December 2011

Previous Skill: Skill 3 (Present Participle) and skill 4 (Past Participle)

1. The first _____ appeared during the last period of the dinosaurs’ reign.

(A) flowers are plants
(B) plants have flowers
(C) plants flowers
(D) flowering plants

2. The earliest medicines _____ from plants of various sorts. 

(A) obtaining
(B) they obtained
(C) were obtained
(D) they were obtained

3. Simple sails were made from canvas _____ over a frame.

(A) a stretch
(B) stretched
(C) was stretched
(D) it was stretched

4. Pluto’s moon, Charon, _____ in a slightly elliptical path around the planet.

(A) moving
(B) is moving
(C) it was moving
(D) in its movement

5. Techniques of breath control form an essential part of any _____ program to improve the voice.

(A) it trains
(B) train
(C) trains
(D) training

6. Robert E. Lee ____ the Confederate army to General Grant in 1865 at the Appomattox Courthouse.

(A) surrendered
(B) he surrendered
(C) surrendering
(D) surrender

7. The pituitary gland, _____ the brain, releases hormones to control other glands.

(A) found below
(B) it is found below
(C) its foundation below
(D) finds itself below

8. At around two years of age, many children regularly produce sentences _____ three or four words.

(A) are containing
(B) containing
(C) contain.
(D) contains planet.

9. Multinational companies ________ it increasingly important to employ internationally acceptable brand names.

(A) finding
(B) are finding
(C) they find
(D) they are finding

10. The cornea is located under the conjunctiva, on ______ of the eye.

(A) the part is exposed
(B) exposed the part
(C) the exposed part
(D) exposes the part
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