Structure Question: TOEFL Exercise (Skill 9-10)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

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Choose the letter of the word or group of words that best completes the sentence.

1. Modern humans, who first appeared about 600,000 years ago, _____ Homo sapiens.
(A) calling
(B) were called
(C) they called
(D) they were called

2. The first writing _____ evidence of is on Mesopotamian clay tablets.
(A) we
(B) that we
(C) has
(D) that we have

3. _____ drought-resistant plants which store water in fleshy tissue.
(A) Succulents are
(B) Succulents
(C) They are succulents
(D) Succulents which are

4. Benjamin Kabelsky, whom ____ as Jack Benny, was a famous comedian in vaudeville and on radio and television.
(A) most people’s knowledge
(B) most people know
(C) knowing most people
(D) the knowledge of most people

5. _____ that hunted other animals tended to have very narrow, sharp, curved claws.
(A) For dinosaurs
(B) Dinosaurs are known
(C) Dinosaurs
(D) Like dinosaurs

6. The first eyeglasses had convex lenses for the aged who ____ farsighted.
(A) had become
(B) they had become
(C) becoming
(D) it became

7. Chimney Rock, ____ 500 feet above the North Platte River, has eroded considerably in the last two centuries,
(A) stands
(B) is standing
(C) it stands
(D) which stands

8. _____ that accompany recurring bouts of severe depression reduce bone density.
(A) It changes hormones
(B) Hormonal changes
(C) The hormones change
(D) The change in hormones is

9. Willa Cather is an author _____ for her evocative and memorable vision of frontier prairie life.
(A) whom readers
(B) the praise of readers
(C) whom praisings
(D) whom readers praise

10. Mars’s tiny moon Phobos is a small mountain of rock that _____ from the asteroid belt by Mars’s gravitational pull.
(A) was probably captured
(B) it probably
(C) the probable capture
(D) probably the capture

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