Structure Question: TOEFL Review Exercise (Skill 1-8)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

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1. Air near the equator ____ a faster west-to-east motion than air farther from the equator.
(A) to have
(B) it has
(C) has
(D) having

2. About 4000 B.C., humans discovered that ____ obtained from special rocks called ores.
(A) metals could be
(B) the ability of metallic
(C) possibly metallic
(D) could metals be

3. ____ quickly after an animal dies.
(A) In the degradation of DNA
(B) Degrading DNA
(C) DNA degrades
(D) For DNA to degrade

4. ____ aerodynamic design has contributed greatly to reducing resistance to motion.
(A) Improved
(B) It improves
(C) Improvement
(D) They improve

5. The southern part of Florida is much warmer in the winter than the northern part, so more _____ to the south.
(A) flocking tourists
(B) touring flocks
(C) flocks of tourists
(D) tourists flock

6. The Moon’s gravity pulls water on the near side of the Earth toward the Moon, and this is what _____ tides to occur.
(A) the cause
(B) causes
(C) causing
(D) the cause of

7. ____, they pick up fragments of rock which become frozen into the base of the ice.
(A) Glaciers move
(B) Glaciers moving
(C) They were glaciers
(D) As glaciers move

8. The tape measure first evolved from ____ used by the Egyptians.
(A) the chains measure
(B) the chains are measured
(C) the chains are measuring
(D) the measuring chains

9. A typical Atlantic hurricane starts as a low pressure system near _____.
(A) Africa coasts
(B) coast to Africa
(C) the African coast
(D) Africa has a coast

10. It is not clear whether the subdivisions of the neocortex _____ units.
(A) individual
(B) are individual
(C) they are individual
(D) individually
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