Structure Skill: TOEFL Exercise (Skills: 7-8)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Choose the letter of the word or group of words that best completes the sentence.

1. Today, the true story of _____ at Little Bighorn remains a mystery.
(A) Happened
(B) it happened
(C) what happened
(D) what happening

2. For more than a decade, ____ that certain species are becoming scarce.
(A) the warnings of bird-watchers
(B) warn the bird-watchers
(C) birdwatchers have warned
(D) a warning for bird-watchers

3. Early in the eighteenth century, Halley accurately predicted when ____ of 1682 would return.
(A) the comet
(B) was the comet
(C) the comet was
(D) had the comet

4. No single factor explains why _____ vary so greatly among individuals.
(A) aging affects
(B) the effects of aging
(C) aging has an effect
(D) the aging effect

5. Lack of clarity about ____ the party in the coming year will be removed at the party’s convention.
(A) will lead
(B) lead
(C) they will lead
(D) who will lead

6. We do not ____ the bow drill was first developed for woodworking or fire making.
(A) whether it
(B) know whether it
(C) know whether
(D) sure whether

7. Minute Man National Historical Park is a monument to where _____
(A) the beginning of the Revolutionary War
(B) in the beginning of the Revolutionary War
(C) the Revolutionary War to begin
(D) the Revolutionary War began

8. Tests on the colors of cars were conducted at the University of California to determine _____ the safest colors for cars.
(A) which
(B) which were
(C) if
(D) how were

9. The National Institute of Dental Research estimates _____ in fluoridated areas have about 25 percent less tooth decay than children elsewhere.
(A) for school children
(B) school children’s
(C) that school children
(D) that for school children

10. The process of photosynthesis explains how ____ able to use the energy in sunlight to manufacture foods from the simple chemicals in air and water.
(A) green plants
(B) green plants are
(C) planting greens
(D) with green plants are
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