Listening Part A: TOEFL Review Exercise (Skill 1-2)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

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1. (A) She couldn't think of a single answer.
    (B) The test was easy.
    (C) It was impossible to think during the exam.
    (D) It was too quiet.

2. (A) He will finish quickly.
    (B) He works slowly.
    (C) He isn’t worried.
    (D) He doesn’t like to work.

3. (A) Her mother and father were hungry.
    (B) She was angry at her parents.
    (C) Her mother and father got home too late.
    (D) Her parents were mad.

4. (A) He didn’t get a car.
    (B) The car he got wasn’t real; it was a toy.
    (C) He really wanted a car but couldn’t get one.
    (D) The car that he just bought is old.

5. (A) Take some seeds.
    (B) Sit down.
    (C) Make an appointment.
    (D) Take some time.

6. (A) It was difficult to play because of the wind.
    (B) He’s unhappy because they lost.
    (C) He doesn’t like playing football in the winter
    (D) He’s not very happy about the way they won.

7. (A) He paid the rent two days ago.
    (B) The rent wasn’t due the day before yesterday.
    (C) One day earlier he’d rented an apartment.
    (D) Yesterday he spent the whole day ranting.

8. (A) Barry’s too old to enjoy camping.
    (B) Not enough people are going camping.
    (C) This weekend is not a good time for camping.
    (D) Barry’s too young to go camping.

9. (A) He has to water the lawn.
    (B) He’s sorry about having to move.
    (C) He’s washing his clothes.
    (D) He can’t move right now.

10. (A) He thinks the weather there is great.
      (B) He prefers dry weather.
      (C) The weather there is good for humans.
      (D) He likes wet weather


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