Listening Part A: TOEFL Exercise 3

Monday, 5 March 2012

Previous Skill: Suggestion (Skill 3)

 In this exercise, listen carefully to the short conversation and question on the recording, and then choose the best answer to the question. You should pay particular attention to expressions of suggestion.


1. (A) Going to work.
    (B) Getting some exercise.
   (C) Relaxing for a while.
   (D) Visiting her friend Jim.

2. (A) Completing the work later.
    (B) Finishing more of the work now.
    (C) Trying to do the work today.
    (D) Resting tomorrow.

3. (A) Cooling off the house.
    (B) Turning down the heat.
    (C) Raising the temperature.
    (D) Finding something to eat.

4. (A) Fixing the car.
    (B) Breaking the news to the others.
    (C) Buying another automobile.
    (D) Going down the hill in the car.

5. (A) Putting up shelves.
    (B) Selling the books.
    (C) Looking for the lost books.
    (D) Rearranging the books.

6. (A) Visiting her sister.
     (B) Getting a baby-sitter.
     (C) Letting her sister see the clothes.
     (D) Giving the clothes away.

7. (A) Postponing the trip.
    (B) Leaving immediately.
    (C) Putting on a play tomorrow.
    (D) Going later tonight.

8. (A) Working on the term paper the whole day.
    (B) Spending a little money on paper.
    (C) Doing a better job of planning her term paper.
    (D) Spending the whole term on the paper.

9. (A) Getting a new television.
    (B) Checking which programs are coming on.
    (C) Checking their watches.
    (D) Seeing a comedy on television.

10. (A) Making some extra money.
      (B) Depositing the money in his account.
      (C) Buying something with the money.
      (D) Checking out several banks.

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