Listening Part A: TOEFL Exercise 4

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Previous Skill: Passives (Skill 4)

 In this exercise, listen carefully to the short conversation and question on the recording, and then choose the best answer to the question. You should pay particular attention to passives.


1. (A) Her family just arrived.
    (B) She must pack to go visit her family.
    (C) She opened the door to greet her family.
    (D) The box from her family was opened.

2. (A) He completed the report
    (B) He’s coming to work on the report.
   (C) The report is due tomorrow morning.
   (D) The report still needs an infinite amount of work.

3. (A) The parents are in bed now.
    (B) The children were allowed to stay up.
    (C) The parents stayed away from the children.
    (D) The children have gone to bed.

4. (A) He got lost.
    (B) The door was not in front of the house.
    (C) He did not need a key to the door.
    (D) The key was lost.

5. (A) He picked out some flowered wallpaper for the dining room.
    (B) The dining room table has flowers painted on it.
    (C) The flowers were placed on the table.
    (D) The flowers were grown in the dining room.

6. (A) Nothing is really the matter.
    (B) She stole some money.
    (C) She left her purse in the store.
    (D) Someone took her purse.

7. (A) He’s quite scared.
    (B) He likes her pets.
    (C) He would like to pick up a little snake.
    (D) He frightens the snakes.

8. (A) She wrote directions in a letter.
    (B) Instructions were followed exactly.
    (C) A new director has been appointed.
    (D) She would follow the man to the housing project.

9. (A) They can cook supper in no time.
     (B) He doesn't know how to play tennis.
     (C) He’s a super cook.
     (D) Dinner needs to be prepared.

10. (A) The exam really is tomorrow.
       (B) There was a change in the content of the exam.
       (C) The professor moved the exam to another day.
       (D) They have to change their plans for tomorrow.

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