Listening Part A: TOEFL Review Exercise (Skill 1-4)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Previous Exercise: TOEFL Exercise 4

In this exercise, listen carefully to the short conversation and question on the recording, and then choose the best answer to the question.


1. (A) It’s the middle of the winter.
    (B) The weather is not very calm.
    (C) The boat needs wind to go.
    (D) They need to unwind the sails.

2. (A) Taking two hats with him.
    (B) Aspiring to greater achievements.
    (C) Taking some medication.
    (D) Moving his head.

3. (A) He gets up every day at sunrise.
    (B) The door is open to let the sunshine in.
    (C) He parks his car out of the sunlight.
    (D) The park is open all day long.

4. (A) She ate part of Steve’s meal.
     (B) Steve didn’t pay for his meal.
     (C) Steve had five courses for dinner.
     (D) She was given some money.

5. (A) He did the problem completely.
     (B) He corrected the homework.
     (C) He was totally wrong.
     (D) He did well on the math exam.

6. (A) The washing machine was repaired.
    (B) He washed some clothes this morning.
    (C) He broke some dishes while he was washing them.
    (D) The washing machine needs to be fixed.

7. (A) Registering in algebra immediately.
    (B) Finding another school.
    (C) Enrolling in the course later.
    (D) Repeating the course next semester.

8. (A) It’s red.
     (B) It’s not dry.
     (C) It needs to be watched.
     (D) He’s going to wash it.

9. (A) Everyone feels relaxed at the party.
    (B) There are enough people to have a party.
    (C) The amount of food is adequate.
    (D) Part of the food is on the table.

10. (A) The meeting was at four o’clock.
      (B) Everyone came to the meeting in uniforms.
      (C) The information was given at the meeting.
      (D) No one was uninformed about the meeting.

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