Listening Part A: TOEFL Review Exercise (Skill 1-5)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Previous Exercise: TOEFL Exercise 5

In this exercise, listen carefully to the short conversation and question on the recording, and then choose the best answer to the question. You will have to draw conclusions about who and where


1. (A) Shutting the window.
    (B) Moving closer to the window.
    (C) Closing down the building.
    (D) Cooling the room off.

2. (A) The plane came in at night.
    (B) The flight was scheduled to last two hours.
    (C) The fight started at two o’clock.
    (D) The plane landed on time.

3. (A) In a clothing store.
    (B) At a pool.
    (C) At a racetrack.
    (D) In a restaurant.

4. (A) He’s unhappy with the sofa.
    (B) He likes the news.
    (C) He’s heard the unpleasant news.
    (D) He always tries to please everyone.

5. (A) He missed the bus he wanted to take.
    (B) He’s sorry he bought the yellow shirt.
    (C) He made a huge error.
    (D) What happened was a mystery

6. (A) Tuition is due soon.
    (B) She has a free day tomorrow.
    (C) The school is free.
    (D) The room will be painted tomorrow.

7. (A) He plays football regularly.
    (B) He heard some people playing football.
    (C) He was injured during a game.
    (D) He hurt someone during a game.

8. (A) Some of the seats were empty.
    (B) All the chairs were full.
    (C) The lecturer was standing the whole time.
    (D) He was seated at the back of the lecture hall.

9. (A) Putting on a new suit.
    (B) Tasting the soup again.
    (C) Putting some soup in the bowls.
    (D) Adding flavorings to the soup.

10. (A) A student.
       (B) A receptionist.
       (C) A salesclerk.
       (D) A dean.

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