Listening Part A: TOEFL Review Exercise (Skill 1-3)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

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  1. Skill 1:Restatement
  2. Skill 2: Negative 
  3. Skill 3: Suggestion
In this exercise, listen carefully to the short conversation and question on the recording, and then choose the best answer to the question.


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1. (A) He prefers to stay home.
    (B) He has to take many trips.
    (C) He has a lot of tasks to do.
    (D) He works well at home.

2. (A) There’s nothing in the car.
    (B) He has enough time now.
    (C) He doesn’t want a car now.
    (D) He prefers to do it later.

3. (A) Making less noise.
     (B) Spending more time away from the apartment
     (C) Moving the furniture around the apartment.
     (D) Changing apartments.
4. (A) He overstepped his authority.
    (B) He worked too much in the morning.
    (C) He stayed in bed too long.
    (D) He was late getting home in the morning.

5. (A) She’s rather quiet.
    (B) He doesn’t really know her.
    (C) She’s had many difficulties.
    (D) He’s never talked to her.

6. (A) Fixing something to drink.
     (B) Adding lemon to the cake.
     (C) Paying thirty dollars.
     (D) Picking lemons from the tree.
7. (A) Write a letter.
    (B) Complete the assignment for him.
    (C) Tell him the time.
    (D) Phone him in a while.

8. (A) Getting up in the afternoon.
     (B) Having his hair cut.
     (C) Cutting the flowers in the garden.
     (D) Growing his hair long.

9. (A) She’s sure she saw him.
    (B) She doubts what he said.
    (C) She isn’t sure she told him her name.
    (D) She shares his beliefs.

10. (A) The break regularly lasts an hour.
       (B) No dishes were broken.
       (C) The break comes at its usual time.
       (D) It regularly takes an hour to rake the lawn.

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