Listening PART A: TOEFL Exercise 6

Friday, 11 May 2012

Previous Skill: Skill 6 (AGREEMENT)

In this exercise, listen carefully to the short conversation and question on the recording, and then choose the best answer to the question. You should pay particular attention to expressions of agreement.



1.      (A) She needs to check into the hospital.
(B) She thinks the man should visit her.
(C) She doesn’t want to go to the hospital.
(D) She shares the man’s opinion.

2.      (A) The man should repeat himself
(B) The prize was quite new.
(C) She was also surprised.
(D) The new surface was praised.

3.      (A) The woman has a nice pet.
(B) He agrees with the woman.
(C) A bit of luck would be nice.
(D) He should put the drinks on ice.

4.      (A) They moved just after the baby was born.
(B) He saw that the woman was moving.
(C) The movie was really good.
(D) He shares the woman’s opinion.

 5.      (A) She has over three classes.
(B) She’s glad to talk about the classes.
(C) She’d like him to tell her about the classes.
(D) She’s also happy that the classes are finished.

6.      (A) His ideas about sports are similar to
the woman’s.
(B) They should watch a game on television together.
(C) He thinks he’s better at sports than the woman.
(D) He doesn’t like sports at all.

7.      (A) She needs a straw for the coffee.
(B) She agrees with the man.
(C) She has been coughing strongly.
(D) She is feeling strong today.

8.      (A) It was possible to take a math class.
(B) The matter could not possibly be discussed.
(C) It was impossible to attend the math exam.
(D) He has the same opinion as the woman.

9.      (A) They always go out for dinner.
(B) They should cook dinner outside.
(C) She thinks they should go out, too.
(D) She would like the man to prepare dinner tonight.

10.  (A) He is in agreement about the teacher.
(B) Her story was quite interesting.
(C) He would like the woman to respect what he said.
(D) The history teacher will give the same lecture again.

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